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About October 9, 2009

blogger Amy Marshall and her daughterAmy Sarah Marshall earned her MFA in poetry but brings in the bucks as an expert on writing for the web. She loves writing for any medium, and now that she’s a mother of two – who also happens to be single mom – Amy is fascinated with what happens in the pages of children’s books. Particular interests include diversity of family structures, racial diversity, and the kinds of stereotypes portrayed about gender and class that many books put forth.













Kathryn loves children’s literature!  She began her love affair as a child and it has stayed with her ever since.  She was even known to peruse favorite picture books in secret during her teen years.  She is mom to two smart, funny, gorgeous daughters.  Kathryn’s family is multiracial, so she is passionate about issues of racism, equality, and inclusion.  Aside from reading, Kathryn enjoys many activities, including hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, yoga, crochet, listening to NPR, and the endless pursuit of capturing perfect photos of her children.