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Single and Loving It November 7, 2009

Told through the voice of her niece, Miss Rumphius reads like a family memory shared around the dinner table.    Miss Rumphius travels the world until she is exhausted and then she settles down in a cottage by the sea.  After that, she risks her reputation, roaming the countryside flinging lupine seeds into every nook and cranny in order to make the world a more beautiful place; a task bestowed upon her by her grandfather.

Happily unmarried women are a rarity in children’s books.  I love Miss Rumphius because she is a single woman who follows her bliss. She lives her life according to her own dreams and goals.  She is true to herself and keeps her promises to the people she loves.  These are values that I hope to instill in my daughters.  I want them to know that it is good to invest in your own happiness and that you do not have to have a partner to do this. Not that I am hoping that they spend their lives as single women.  I want them to know that the best choice is the one that works for them.


One Response to “Single and Loving It”

  1. Candice B Says:

    I loved this book when i was a child. Although, i am an adult now, this charming tale made me feel strong as a girl and helped me grow through childhood. I am happy to see the front of this book again. I would read this to my families young girls and maybe the women can learn something from it.

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